I grew up female in late 20th century America, understanding that someday I’d find my one and truest true love and then happiness and comfort would prevail.  Maybe this happens for some people… Actually I know it doesn’t.  Happiness and comfort don’t prevail.  We are all suffering, lonely, and afraid.  But the dream of escape doesn’t die, so we continue to look to others as a path out, a way to be saved from the realities of life.  And it’s hilarious, and we don’t talk about our pain and our shame, and the ridiculous childish fantasies that we turn to again and again.

This blog is an attempt to take a headlamp to my little dark corner of those fantasies, to my pain and shame around sex, love, desire, intimacy, and relationships, and show you what’s there.  I hope to make you laugh, and I really hope to make you feel less alone.  Please follow and share if you like the blog.  My goal is to get a good readership going, and eventually turn this material into a book.

You can find me other places, if you want to know more about my writing.  Thanks for reading, and take care of your beautiful heart.



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